Trading Strategy
Low-Risk Conservative Method

A safe low-risk conservative strategy is used for account management Taken from more than 10 years of trading experience It combines regular classic forex trading with my expertise in technical analysis

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Account management is a service meant primarily for the people, who already have some money, and would like to make a return on it. It allows the clients to concentrate their primary business, job, or trade while ripping all the benefits of participating in the financial markets.

Safety First

The trades in the signals group and the trades taken on the account management are different, due to the fact that similar, yet different strategies are used.

The signals service is provided for smaller accounts that demand greater returns over short periods of time, thus the strategy is more aggressive and risky.

The strategy used for management is a safe low-risk conservative strategy that was designed for large accounts whose owners need steady gains long-term.

My Personal Responsibility

Concerning the obvious differences, it is the client that is responsible for taking the trades, ranging risk, leverage, spreads in the signals service program, while it is me who takes care of absolutely everything for those who went for the account management options instead.

3 Risk Profiles For You
Low Risk Profile:
  • 10% Max Drawdown
  • 8% Monthly Return
  • 90% Annual return
Medium Risk Profile:
  • 20% Max Drawdown
  • 15% Monthly Return
  • 160% Annual return
High Risk Profile:
  • 40% Max Drawdown
  • 25% Monthly Return
  • 250% Annual return
Legal Matters

I am used to working with my clients in a way, that is built on mutual trust. Also, the terms of service are designed in such a manner, that prevents any possibility for any harm or damage done to the interests of the clients. Thus, usually, the contract between me and the client is done in a verbal fashion or the contents of the email correspondence servers as the de facto contract. However, in case an official written contract is requested by the client, I am happy to oblige. After the negotiations phase is over, my lawyers will contact you for the contract details and related formalities.

No Money Transfer

There is no need to transfer money to me, or anywhere else. You can keep using the same broker you are using right now.

All I need is the login details to the MT4 trading terminal, which would allow me to take trades on your behalf. These logins do not give me access to the money that is deposited into your account. Which protects you from the possibility of withdrawals.

«The greatest improvement in productive powers of labor seems to have been the effect of the division of labor»

Terms & Conditions

MT4 Trading Termina

10.000$ Minimum Deposit

40% Monthly Management Fee

Clear Example

If I made 4000$ for you this month, my fee would be 1,600$. The fee is transferred by the client to me via a bank transfer or by other means.

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